The Shadow Land by Elizabeth Kostova

Alexandra, a young American woman, travels abroad to Bulgaria.  Soon after arriving, through a bag mix up, she finds herself in possession of an urn containing the remains of an elderly Bulgarian man.  She meets a cab driver, Bobby, who becomes involved in assisting her to find the family of the man to reunite them... Continue Reading →

Dakota Born by Debbie Macomber

Lindsey Snyder decides to spend a year in her father's home town of Buffalo Valley, North Dakota, as the local teacher.  Using it as an opportunity to get away from a dead end-relationship in Savannah, Georgia, she heads for the Dakotas for a year long teaching stint.  While there, Lindsey both gives much more to... Continue Reading →

Faithful by Alice Hoffman

Shelby was the driver when the car crashed.  She came out physically whole, while her best friend Helene was left in a coma, from which she would never wake.  Shelby's survivor's guilt drives her to self loathing, believing she has no right to go on living, and that it should be her in Helene's place.... Continue Reading →

Stone Cold Bastards by Jake Bible

Demons have possessed human bodies and taken over humanity.  Some of the few remaining humans live in a sanctuary guarded by  gargoyles and grotesques that live and are imbued with magic by their creators, the Stonecutters.  Nearly indestructible, they plow their way through the demons in the outside world to procure supplies for the wards... Continue Reading →

The Public Image by Muriel Spark

Film star Annabel Christopher becomes known as "The English Lady-Tiger", around which a persona, a public image, develops.  Centering around her marriage, perfect to all outward appearances, she plays the role of perfect wife, married to the perfect husband.  Jealousy of her rising stardom, as well as the inability to understand it, begins to poison... Continue Reading →

Touch and Go by Elizabeth Berridge

A middle-aged divorcee inherits a home from a doctor she knew as a child, and uses it as an opportunity for a fresh start.  She moves back to the town she spent her early childhood in and begins to renew old friendships and acquaintances, while making new ones.  The home she now owns was once... Continue Reading →

Abigale Hall by Lauren A. Forry

After losing both parents in the bombings and aftermath of WWII, Eliza and and her somewhat mentally unstable little sister, Rebecca, are sent to live with their aunt.  Without knowing why, or where they are going, their aunt sends them away with a one armed man into the Welsh countryside.  Once there, they arrive at... Continue Reading →

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